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Our Human Resources Approach  

Turkcel Global Bilgide Kariyer


Turkcell Global Bilgi is the industry leader with a total of 18 locations - 14 in Turkey and 4​​ abroad- provides services to various brands with its young and dynamic team consisting of 12.000 employees.

Turkcell Global Bilgi derives its leadership strength from the experience and knowledge in customer experience management, technological infrastructure and qualified human resources. The company requires an expansive and qualified team specializing in expertise domains such as Customer Experience Development, Operation Management, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technologies, Business Development, Process Management and Sales Management.

Turkcell Global Bilgi was chosen as the "Employer of the Year" by the European Business Awards in 2011 with its human resources policies and practices adding value to itself and its employees, making differences and driving sustainable financial success.  For detailed information and job application, please visit

Our Salary and Benefits Policy

Our Salary and Benefits Policy at Turkcell Global Bilgi is defined as; "establishing and operating systems driving  high performance and personal development, competitive in the market and both fair and flexible within the organization". In order to maintain its competitive position in the market Turkcell Global Bilgi participates in a number of benchmark surveys each year and reviews its salary and benefits strategies, policies, and practices. At Turkcell Global Bilgi the level of positions are evaluated according to expected roles and responsibilities, knowledge/skill requirements and work results, then put in order of determined grade.


As Turkcell Global Bilgi we perform our employee training and development operations withTurkcell Academy with the vision of developing the best human resources of the industry via continuous improvement. Our goal is to contribute to the lives of our employees with customized personal development solutions that create difference.
Utilizing world class employee development solutions, most effective technological solutions and infrastructure that we use under the leadership of Turkcell Academy we increase the efficiency of our development programs with the latest content and subjects. Our E-learning, Virtual Classroom, Video, Workshop, Play, Conference, Intranet and other individual learning channels have been carefully tailored for our employees.In a competition organized by the American Association for Talent Development in 2014, we won the "Excellence in Implementation Award" for our Pre-Service Training Program.

Work is Fun at Turkcell Global Bilgi

We make working more fun with our Social Club that is located in every Turkcell Global Bilgi location. During the activities that we organize at regular intervals each month, we socialize with colleagues and take advantage of special discounts for concerts, theatres, etc.
After gobbling down the cotton candy that just showed up suddenly in the operation room we can participate in a competition and win prizes. In the evening we can go to concerts of popular artists with a special discount. In fact we can take a friend with us and they can take advantage of our privileges as well.
Also as part of this team,we participate in ongoing social responsibility projects and experience team spirit as well as add value to our environment by supporting our partner schools in Anatolia or plating new trees.