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​​​​​Our Press Releases

Turkcell Global Bilgi Is Now Serving Akbank


Turkcell Global Bilgi has started providing call center services to Akbank customers.

Turkcell Global Bilgi, Turkey’s customer experience center, continues to grow in the finance sector by adding Akbank to its service network. Turkcell Global Bilgi will provide Akbank customers with inbound call center services.

Turkcell Global Bilgi comes back from with two first place prizes


Turkcell Global Bilgi has won the first place in the “Best use of Self-service Technology” and “Best Home / Remote Agent Program” categories in the EMEA (Europe-Middle East and Africa) regional finals held in London by “” which is the biggest organization in the contact center sector worldwide.

Turkcell Global Bilgi’s Money Club Social Media App Wins Summit International Creative Awards


The Money Club Facebook App, developed jointly by Turkcell Global Bilgi and Money Club, took home the bronze award in the social media category at the Summit International Creative Awards.

Turkcell Global Bilgi recognized as the “Best Customer Service – Outsourced Mega Center ” at’s EMEA Awards


Turkcell Global Bilgi will now head to Las Vegas for’s global finals

Turkcell Global Bilgi is the Global Leader in Customer Experience


Turkcell Global Bilgi won the first place in the “Best Customer Experience and Application” category with the customer services it provides for Turkcell subscribers in the “2014 Top Ranking Performers” awards of “ContactCenterWorld” which is the biggest organization of call center sector worldwide. As a result, Turkcell Global Bilgi has received 5 important first prizes in different categories of the same organization in the last five years.

Turkcell Global Bilgi Has Started to Give Service to Coca- Cola Beverages


Turkcell Global Bilgi has started to provide call center service to Coca-Cola Beverages and Damla Su, a Coca-Cola Beverage brand

12.3 million dollars investment in 6 years in Diyarbakır by Turkcell Global Bilgi


Turkcell Global Bilgi is celebrating the 6th birthday of its call center in Diyarbakır where it gives service with nearly 800 employees to Turkcell individual customers. The center has made 12.3 million dollars investment so far in Diyarbakır.

Turkcell Global Bilgi recognized as the “Best Customer Service – Outsourced Mega Center ” at’s EMEA Awards


Turkcell Global Bilgi, Turkey’s leading customer management center, added another accolade to its track-record of international recognition with its success at the awards. Turkcell Global Bilgi won the first place in the “Best Customer Service – Outsourced Mega Center ” category at the organization’s regional awards ceremony covering Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Turkcell Global Bilgi Recognized as the “Best of the Best” among Call Centers in Europe


Turkcell Global Bilgi, Turkey’s leading customer relations management company, added a new award to its track record of international recognition. Turkcell Global Bilgi received two prestigious awards at European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) in Old Billingsgate, London: It was recognized as the “Best Large Contact Centre” and as the “Best of the Best” receiving the grand jury award for “Customer Service Centre Excellence Award”.

Turkcell Global Bilgi realizes a first in Turkey with Anadolu University


Turkcell Global Bilgi is to answer calls from 1 million 350 thousand students in total studying at the Faculty of Open Education as a result of its cooperation with Anadolu University. Furthermore, with the “Anadolu University Open Education System Interaction Center”, a university will use an outsourced call center for student affairs for the first time in Turkey.

“ALO 170 Labor and Social Security Communication Center” starts offering service, also from Sivas!


The “ALO 170 Labor and Social Security Communication Center”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, SGK, İŞKUR, TÜRKSAT and Turkcell Global Bilgi, has started offering service from Sivas following on from Karaman and Şanlıurfa. The official opening ceremony of the communication center which answers calls with regard to any legislation of MLSS, SSI and İŞKUR held on Saturday, October 26 was attended by Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz, Sivas Governor Zübeyir Keme ...

Turkcell Global Bilgi Again Ranks First at “Bilişim 500”


Turkcell Global Bilgi ranked first in sales revenues in the "Call Center Service" category in the "First 500 Informatics Company Research" conducted by Interpromedya. Having received the first prize for the past 4 years, Turkcell Global Bilgi ranked 28th in the general listing by sales revenues.

Big investment in Sivas by Turkcell Global Bilgi


Turkcell Global Bilgi, with its new call center officially opened in Sivas, increased the number of the call centers it has established in Anatolia to 6 and the number of total locations in the land to 16 over the past year. Service is provided to Turkcell individual customers by the call center in Sivas, at which Turkcell Global Bilgi provides employment to 300 personnel.

A New Turkcell Global Bilgi Call Center in Ukraine


Turkcell Global Bilgi, the first and only Turkish call center operating abroad, opens its 5th center in Kharkov, Ukraine

Turkcell Global Bilgi: World’s First Call Center with “ISO 22301-Business Continuity Management System” Certificate


Turkcell Global Bilgi, Turkey’s leading customer relations management center, has become the first and only call center in the world, receiving “ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System” certificate from the BSI (British Standards Institute).

Customer satisfaction rate for Turkcell Global Bilgi at 84%


The results of a public survey conducted annually among 30 corporate customers served by Turkcell Global Bilgi in the telecommunication, e-commerce, technology devices, rapid consumption products, insurance, private and public sectors have yet again revealed the company’s great success in terms of customer satisfaction. According to the results of the survey, conducted by an independent research company, the rate of customer satisfaction among Turkcell Global Bilgi’s corporate customers is 84 pe ...

Another International Award for Turkcell Global Bilgi!


In May 2011, the Nuance Company, a world leader in sound technologies, gave an innovation award to Turkcell Global Bilgi for the first Turkish language adaptation of “the Response system that understands voice commands” (Call Steering).

Turkcell Global Bilgi Sweeps the Awards


The leading customer relationship management center of Turkey, Turkcell Global Bilgi has strengthened its leader position with the receipt of national and international awards. Turkcell Global Bilgi received the first prize for "Best Outsourcing Partnerships” and “Best Self Service Technology”, and the third prize for “Best Telesales Campaign” in the regional finals of the Best of 2012 competition organized by ContactCenterWorld, the biggest organization worldwide of the call center sector.

Turkc ...

Employment investment in Karabük by Turkcell Global Bilgi


The leading customer relationship management center in Turkey, Turkcell Global Bilgi rapidly continues employment investments in Anatolia by establishing new call centers. The latest Turkcell investment, the110 seat capacity Karabük Call center, will serve GNCTRKCLL subscribers through SMS.

Ministry of National Education Communication Center launched in Van-Erciş


The Ministry of National Education (MEB) has launched a 120 seat capacity Communication Center in the Erciş district of Van in cooperation with Turksat and Turkceş Global Bilgi, the leading customer relationship management center in Turkey. The Center providing continuous access for citizens for 7 days and 24 hours is the biggest employer in the region that was devastated in terms of social and economic life following the earthquakes. Personnel of the Communication Center are comprised by earthq ...

Turkcell Global Bilgi Highly Appreciated at CCW 2012 Expo


Turkcell Global Bilgi shared its services and vision with leading sector players at Europe’s greatest call centre exposition held in Berlin.

Customer Satisfaction Score is 82 per cent for Turkcell Global Bilgi!


Results of survey conducted among corporate customers receiving services from Turkcell Global Bilgi show high level of customer satisfaction and success of the company. According to results of survey conducted by an independent research company, customer satisfaction rate of corporate customers is 82% for

Turkcell Global Bilgi.

Turkcell Global Bilgi ranked World’s Number One in Voice Recognition technology


The Voice Recognition technology of Turkcell Global Bilgi is mentioned as the “World’s fastest and greatest voice recognition solution” in the case study published by Nuance company, a leading voice technology solution provider. This technology, which shortens the identity verification process by 20 seconds on average, has been used by 4.2 million Turkcell subscribers over 11 million times, and thus saved them considerable time.

Turkcell Global Bilgi Family’s Support to “Sister Schools”


Employees of Turkcell Global Bilgi, the leading customer relationship management centre of Turkey, continue the support provided as a part of the “Sister School” project in 2012 too. Before the semester holiday, company personnel gave semester gifts to the elementary school students in Erzurum and Diyarbakır.

‘Artificial intelligence’ term in call centers is starting with Turkcell


With the “Call Steering System” that Turkcell Global Bilgi provides for Turkcell Customer Services, subscribers are making most of the operations easily with a single step process just by stating the operation they wish to make. The application aiming to reach the required operation step in 20 seconds in average has a significant importance with the high level voice processing technology based on artificial intelligence that understands natural speech as well.

Turkcell launches artificial intelligence era at call centres


With Call Steering service brought to Turkcell Customer Services by Turkcell Global Bilgi, the subscribers will be able to do several transactions in one single step and easily by saying what they want to do. Ensuring access to the required transaction within approximately 20 seconds, the application has a unique importance with advanced voice processing technology based on artificial intelligence capable of natural language understanding.

Turkcell Global Bilgi “Employer of the Year” in Europe


Turkcell Global Bilgi received the “Employer of the Year” from European Business Awards 2011



Turkcell Global Bilgi has been awarded 2 grand prizes at the “2011 Top Ranking Performers” award ceremony organized by one of the world’s prestigious organizations in the contact centre sector; “”.

Turkcell Global Bilgi to manage Halkbank outbound calls with a 100 seat capacity


Largest Employment Investment in Artvin by Turkcell Global Bilgi

Turkcell Global Bilgi “Europe’s Highly Commended Contact Centre”


Turkcell Global Bilgi remains the pride of Turkey by adding a new link to the chain of success achieved at international awards. Turkcell Global Bilgi has ranked “Highly Commended” in the “Best Contact Centre” category at the 2011 European Call Centre and Customer Service Awards organized by Call Centre Focus Magazine, competing among hundreds of Europe’s leading call centers.

Turkcell Global Bilgi and Turkcell Academy to contribute to training qualified personnel for Contact Centre Sector in cooperation with Atatürk University


The Contact Centre Services Associate Degree Program of the Atatürk University Open Education Faculty, launched with cooperation of Atatürk University, Turkcell Global Bilgi and Turkcell Academy, has started to enroll students. Graduates of the program, which will admit 500 students in 2011-2012 academic year, will receive employment priority at the contact centers of Turkcell Global Bilgi.

President Gül presents plaque to Turkcell Global Bilgi selected the “Company Providing Most Employment Opportunities in Diyarbakır”


“We are proud to be the first company making technological investment in Eastern Turkey. Indeed, this award has motivated us to invest further still,” said Bahadır Pekkan, the General Manager of Turkcell Global Bilgi, who received the plaque from President Gül at the ceremony organized in Diyarbakır.